Our storytelling defines us

Words and design intentionally paired to win hearts and hook minds

We believe stories

Belong to the listener

Get stronger through prodding

Take our breath away

Our approach sets us apart

Strategy and creativity at the backbone of everything we build

Let’s make progress together

Brand foundation

the who you are and what you do

  • Audience research
  • Naming
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Branding and identity design

Brand experience

the way we spread your story

  • Animations and videos
  • Case studies and ebooks
  • Web design and development
  • Presentations and keynotes

Embedded project management

the on-site team to plot, cultivate, and deliver success

Meet some of our masterminds

Abby Breckenridge (She/Her)


Marketer by trade and manager by passion, Abby has made it her mission to empower her team so they can deliver their best work to clients. She prefers working with whole people who aren’t afraid to bring their creativity to the table.

Abby Breckenridge

Daniel Schmeichler (He/Him)

Creative Director, Partner

Daniel still reaches for his camera when a scene unfolds. As creative director, his photographer’s eye enables him to see both small details and the big picture. With enough room to explore, he and his team can make anything come into focus.

Daniel Schmeichler

Evan Aeschlimann (He/Him)

Managing Designer

Evan splits time between his desk and his shop. Whether he’s using power tools or PowerPoint Evan shines his special brand of light on all things design.

Evan Aeschlimann

Rachel Adams (She/Her)

Managing Designer

Rachel would prefer to spotlight her dog, Baker, but then we wouldn’t know about her amazing design skills. Unlike Baker, Rachel’s talents go far beyond sit and stay. Her portfolio includes packaging, branding, and fine art. How bow-wow that!

Rachel Adams

Forsyth Alexander (She/Her)

Managing Storyteller

Writer to the tech stars, Forsyth rolls out the red carpet through glamourous case studies, swoon-worthy ebooks, and tell-all whitepapers. Her fan club—a gaggle of cats, dogs, and chickens—make it all worthwhile.

Forsyth Alexander

Thad Allen (He/Him)


Thad is the sought-after corner piece in all PowerPoint puzzles. His fine tuning reveals a full-picture design that frames the content just right. Final level of a video game, or final round of tweaks, he’s game to take it to the finish line.

Thad Allen

Felip Ballesteros (He/Him)


Felip worked as a consultant for Microsoft, Amazon, and as a marketing strategist for a multicultural marketing firm in Chicago focused on social justice issues. As the son of a Mexican labor activist, he sees geeking out on marketing and tech as a form of economic and creative protest.

Felip Ballesteros

Nora Bright (She/Her)

Embedded Consulting Practice Lead

Yes, Nora plays the clarinet, drums, and electric guitar. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all she does. As a true intrapreneur, Nora has a growth mindset and wears many hats at 2A, from business development and marketing to recruiting and big picture thinking.

Nora Bright

Suzanne Calkins (She/Her)

Managing Designer

She’s got sunshine in her pocket, and she’s singing your song. After decades of radio hosting and musical expertise she doesn’t consider herself a musician. But her design skills? Let’s just say that they dance to her tune (and yours when you work with her).

Suzanne Calkins

Kyung Choi (He/Him)


Why are Air Jordans cooler than other basketball sneakers? When a young Kyung figured out it was primarily marketing, he wanted in. His stints in graphic design and fashion PR also mean that 2A clients get designer campaign assets.

Kyung Choi

Brandon Conboy (He/Him)


With ties to Hawaii, Brandon brings an adaptability to design like the go-with-the-flow attitude of the islands. On Aloha Saturdays, you’ll find him surfing the airwaves as a broadcaster or cruising the sidewalks with his camera.

Brandon Conboy

Brian Dionisi (He/Him)

Motion Designer

Politics and eclectic music and books make this inveterate doodler's life exciting. What really gets Brian going is bringing art to life with his motion design skills. Watch him move the needle on client projects with flair.

Brian Dionisi

Jane Dornemann (She/Her)

Managing Storyteller

An avid explorer of both continents and consonants, Jane matches her passion for travel with her enthusiasm for words. A former journalist and PR pro, she brings the one-two punch of a well-written story and solid strategy.

Jane Dornemann

Richa Dubey (She/Her)


Underwater adventure? Cooking experiment? Hard-hitting TV script? Richa has no fear. A lifetime of social justice work and communications has prepared her to roll up her sleeves and dig in.

Richa Dubey

Chris Feige (He/Him)

Motion Designer

Chris is equal part sports fan, equal part nature lover. When he’s not catching a game or biking the trails, he’s appreciating all things design—from architecture to landscape—which comes in handy when he’s going for gold with motion design.

Chris Feige

Jack Foraker (He/Him)


Jack honed his keen sense for the weight of words as a writing teacher and copywriter for law and tech firms. An avid reader and adventurous cook, he knows the right ingredients to make a recipe, and a story, a success.

Jack Foraker

Mollie Hawkins (She/Her)


Mollie likes her marketing materials the way she likes her coffee: strong and well-crafted. A former librarian, avid reader, and cross-stitcher, she weaves her clients’ stories so they’re a perfect fit for their audiences.

Mollie Hawkins

Sal Hill (She/They)

Program Manager

What do the ancient art of ikebana and the modern practice of feline psychiatry have in common? The same drive for harmony and balance that Sal brings to their role as 2A program manager.

Sal Hill

Melanie Hodgman (She/Her)

People & Culture Manager

Mel was made for the mountains. With a lifetime of outdoor education under her belt, she’s keen on scaling operational challenges and bringing the whole team along with her. Her commitment to inclusivity means we’ll all reach the top.

Melanie Hodgman

Ren Iris (They/Them)


When they’re not using their keen copyeditor eyes to make client work soar, Ren is also a novelist and an aerial hoop hobbyist. Whether spinning through words or air, they know how to gracefully balance the art of the story.

Ren Iris

Ashley JoEtta (She/Her)


From identifying patterns to online gaming, Ashley runs a formidable gamut of superpowers. This classically trained flautist is also an ex-professor who taught writing to undergrads. We call that a win.

Ashley JoEtta

Laurie Krisman (She/Her)

Account Director

Inspired by technology that makes life easier, Laurie loves helping clients captivate their audience with the next big idea. She homes in on key benefits, adds eye-catching design, and delivers marketing that sparkles through the clutter.

Laurie Krisman

Mike Lahoda (He/Him)

Senior Consultant

With a keen sense of the wilderness and experience in homebuilding, Mike may one day escape to the Olympics and build himself a cabin. Until then, he’ll summit projects and construct inviting marketing assets.

Mike Lahoda

Carolyn Lange (She/Her)


For someone who loves miniatures, Carolyn packs a big punch. A self-proclaimed serial hobbyist—roller-skater, knitter, origami crafter, rock-climber—she's all business when it's time to dig deep into the creative process and deliver just what her clients want.

Carolyn Lange

Guangyi Li (He/Him)

Senior Designer

Li has a sixth sense—he can detect the feeling of brands. Some are cheeky, others are warm and fuzzy. This talent makes him such an exceptional designer and enables him to construct brands that truly connect on a deeper level.

Guangyi Li

Jenni Lydell (She/Her)


Whether on a ski slope, a racetrack, or surfing the waves, Jenni brings fearless determination to everything she does. Her versatile pursuits mirror a design approach that thrives on creativity, Zen, and adventure.

Jenni Lydell

Liz Mangini (She/Her)


When Liz isn’t riding a Harley, she’s thinking about connecting with people and telling great stories. With her eye for design and mad writing skills, she delivers marketing materials that grab attention and inspire action.

Liz Mangini

Kimberly Mass (She/Her)

Managing Storyteller

When she’s not watching sports on her terrace to emulate the arena experience, Kimberly Mass uses her finely honed writing skills to create winning content for 2A clients.

Kimberly Mass

Morgan Mays (She/Her )


When she’s not channeling her creative energy into effective client partnerships, Morgan is tuned into the latest Bravo show, pausing to spend a day at the water, or surfing through Houston’s great restaurant patio scene. You may also find her planning her next prime-time-worthy adventure abroad.

Morgan Mays

Erin McCaul (She/Her)

Managing Program Manager

Erin divides her time between mountains, beer, and being the manager who lets creatives be creatives. Quirky with two different colored eyes and quaint colloquialisms, she keeps everyone pumped up and organized through her keen sense for logistics. 

Erin McCaul

Julianne Medenblik (She/Her)


Julianne’s not afraid to experiment, from her love of glitter eyeshadow to Taylor Swift to all things pop culture. Always on top of what’s trending in the arts, her creative DNA enables her to present 2A clients with knock-their-socks-off graphic design assets.

Julianne Medenblik

Tammy Monson (She/Her)

Managing Program Manager

After leaving first- and third-grade teaching, Tammy found joy in project management. At 2A, she manages projects as passionately as she cheers for her daughters’ soccer teams.

Tammy Monson

Michelle Najarian (She/Her)


Storytelling is at the heart of this singer’s marketing background. Little wonder that Michelle jazzes up client campaigns with flair.

Michelle Najarian

Katy Nally (She/Her)

Director of Storytelling

Katy is a digger, of information and earth. It just depends if her clients want an ebook or some endive. She helps companies across industries find their voices and speak the language of their audience. She’s also fluent in tomatoes.

Katy Nally

Marita Phelps (She/Her )

Program Manager

Marita is a rare combination of poet and spreadsheet expert. As a program manager with a background in nonprofits, her organizational skills are pure poetry. When she’s not teeing up projects for success, she’s playing a round of golf or flowing into a hot yoga session.

Marita Phelps

Melinda Sacks (She/Her )


Melinda is fluent in four languages—five if you count marketing assets that captivate audiences. Originally from France, you'll now find her cooking up new recipes for her family and friends and striking campaigns for her clients.

Melinda Sacks

Jeff Salvado (He/Him)

Motion Designer

Jeff switched professions from finance to motion design to follow his love of movies. His favorite whodunnit is solving how to sparkle a client’s animation request creatively.

Jeff Salvado

Kelly Schermer (She/Her)

Senior Consultant

Just because it’s tech talk, doesn’t mean it should be boring. Kelly taps her eclectic background—from biochemistry to children’s books—to infuse the unexpected into otherwise dry stories. Her ideas are proven to lengthen attention spans. 

Kelly Schermer

Guy Schoonmaker (He/Him)

Senior Consultant—Account Lead

Once upon a time Guy developed fundraising campaigns for universities. In a plot twist, he now applies that expertise in working with 2A’s higher ed and B2B tech clients. He’s helped schools and companies alike find their happily ever after.

Guy Schoonmaker

Alyssa Smith (She/Her )


When she's not organizing her K-pop photo card binder, Alyssa is digging deep into the process of storytelling through design. Her willingness to sit with ambiguity produces a visual story that authentically reflects any brand.

Alyssa Smith

Alyson Stoner-Rhoades (She/Her)

Operations Manager

Alyson is the wizard behind the 2A curtain, bringing her passion for well-run businesses. When she isn’t being the glue that holds our agency parts together, this native Seattleite is venturing outdoors with her pup, Boris, and her toddler.

Alyson Stoner-Rhoades

Andrea Swangard (She/Her)


When Andrea is not road-tripping or reading the latest fiction with the cat who came with her house, she is creating and building—both DIY home projects and stellar client assets.

Andrea Swangard

Madeline Sy (They/Them)


When not immersed in the intricacies of opera or joyfully exploring a new-found love of jazz, Madeline helps 2A clients hit all the right notes. DJing on vinyl and marketing consulting have more in common than you’d think!

Madeline Sy

Laura Templeton (She/Her)

Senior Consultant

Laura keeps partners moving. Whether they’re selling cloud products or do-si-do-ing on the dance floor, she calls the shots to keep everyone in sync. Grab Laura to make your next partner marketing hootenanny a success.

Laura Templeton

Mitchell Thompson (He/Him)

Fullstack Developer

Mitch can talk the computer talk. He enjoys chatting in code to make websites shine and connect to users. Faced with a web design curveball, he’ll catch it with his sharp know-how and strong Google fu.

Mitchell Thompson

Sarah Silva (She/Her)

Director of Consulting

Sarah’s superpower is bringing people together. By email, conference room, or phone, she fights B2B tech challenges by uniting her clients with her team of creatives. Her only kryptonite is any reality TV on Bravo.

Sarah Silva

Annie Wegrich (She/Her)

Director of Consulting

Through many late nights with her nose in a novel, Annie cultivated her way with words. At her day job you’ll find her putting her word-wise noggin to use—whether she’s reviving listless marketing jargon or landing the perfect header in a datasheet.

Annie Wegrich

Aaron Wendel (He/Him)

Creative Director of Motion

It all starts with a sketchy scribble in his notebook. From there, Aaron commands animations into being with the force of 1,000 suns. His commitment to artistry and attention to detail shine through in unexpected designs that tell a story.

Aaron Wendel

Olivia Witt (She/Her)


Cultural anthropologist by training, baker and photographer by passion, and creative content consultant by profession, Olivia effortlessly blends conceptualization with ace project management skills—a rare combination and a blessing for our clients.

Olivia Witt

Emily Zheng (She/Her)


A daydreaming doodler turned designer and artist, Emily is all about fearlessness. She boulders, even though she’s slightly afraid of heights. She travels solo to faraway places. It’s Emily’s lack of fear that drives her to delve deep into the unknown to uncover fresh designs.

Emily Zheng

Diversity, equity and inclusion at work

We believe a diverse team is stronger, more creative, and more effective. And our commitment to diversity and antiracism starts at the top—2A is a Latinx- and woman-founded business. We're strengthening our anti-racism practice and building a stronger team by hiring individuals who bring different perspectives, but we still have a lot of work to do.

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