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Microsoft SQL Server

Introducing Miss Congeniality, SQL Server 2019

Not your mom’s database

The new big data analytics features in SQL Server 2019 shattered the old stereotype that this 1989-born database isn’t hip enough to enjoy rap music or enable intelligence over non-relational data. It’s not a stodgy RDBMS stuck in its ways anymore. The new SQL Server is friends with everyone—structured, unstructured, the jocks, the stoners—and it knows how to integrate and analyze your data to make all types feel welcome.

Now it was our turn to share its new reputation with two very distinct groups

Charming the check writers

Explaining big data and analytics can get very technical very quickly, which can make non-technical eyes glaze over. So we broke it down. We made sure the C-level executives understood that unifying structured and unstructured data leads to an enterprise-wide warm and fuzzy feeling because you’re no longer leaving business insights on the table.

Integrating, managing, and analyzing became our mantra

Integrating all data

Unified access to all your data with unparalleled performance

Managing all data

Easily and securely manage data big and small

Analyzing all data

Build intelligent apps and AI with all your data

Cozying up to the coders

We knew IT decision makers craved the gritty details, so we served them up all the architectures and technical specs they could handle. We let them look under the hood of SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters and exposed the limitations of comparable tools.

A single platform to manage diverse data had them hooked