Count on Amy to track down the buried treasure in your finances

By Katy Nally

Count on Amy to track down the buried treasure in your finances

Archaeology is the search for fact, not truth. If it’s truth you’re interested in, Dr. Tyree’s Philosophy class is right down the hall. So forget any ideas you’ve got about lost cities, exotic travel, and digging up the world. We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and “X” never, ever marks the spot…

…sure Indiana Jones, sure. What that famous whip-wielding archaeologist meant was, if “X never, ever marks the spot” then you just have to look harder! An early student of Professor Jones, Amy Wagner took this idea to heart and started her quest for knowledge at a young age. Today, as a project manager with an appetite for finance, she employs her powers of discovery to unearth new skills, solve financial mysteries, and reap intrinsic rewards—with her trusty dog Indy by her side.

A collector of priceless skills

A mystical puzzle, forgotten enigma, or uncrackable pivot table? Amy will get to the bottom of it. She can’t stand it when her team encounters knowledge gaps, so she takes it upon herself to study new subjects for the greater good. Driven by the notion that it’s never too late to learn something, Amy has stacked up an impressive range of skills from motorcycle maintenance for old Suzukis to finance protocols for multi-million-dollar budgets to HAM radio lingo. Her ever-expanding knowledge means she’s the veritable database for our team.

A solver of financial puzzles

While Indiana drew a clear line between archaeology and philosophy, Amy doesn’t see it that way. As a project manager she employs tactics from both fields: she skillfully unearths new facts then digs deep to reach an expert level. Amy developed her love of philosophy in college and is always willing to debate intricate topics or unravel arguments. At 2A, she delights in the analytical rigor of her job and makes mastering complex financial systems look like a piece of cake.

A DIY-er seeking intrinsic rewards

But what about that buried treasure? For Amy, the reward is embarking on something new and the feeling of accomplishment that arrives when she inevitably aces the challenge. Whether she’s restoring her grandparents’ old mopeds or crafting fully themed Christmas ornaments for each season, Amy’s DIY nature fuels her search for intrinsic rewards.

So the next time you’re searching your financials for an X that marks the spot, call on Amy to decode your budget.