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2A’s favorite albums of 2022 

By Nora Bright, The 2A Team

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Image by Thad Allen

For the last few weeks, I’ve been looking forward to asking my coworkers to send me their favorite album of 2022 so I can assemble our annual round up. There’s something special and even intimate about hearing what songs have been keeping your colleagues company all year long. While I love working from home, I miss the casual interactions that happen in an IRL office, especially conversations about books, TV shows, movies, and music. The album round-up allows me to learn something new about a coworker I wouldn’t otherwise find out—and follow-up music chats are par for the course. 

Sometimes a coworker’s choice is a delightful surprise, and sometimes their pick feels perfect…as if I should’ve known all along that Al is a Beyoncé superfan or that Erin has a crush on Jens Lekman. 

This year we put together a playlist that highlights one song from each album. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into the music that speaks to your favorite 2A’ers soul (and strike up a musical conversation the next time you find yourself on a call with one of us)! 

The Linden Trees Are Still In Blossom – Jens Lekman 

I have a forever crush on Jens Lekman. This album is adorably awkward, semi-autobiographical, and a remix AND re-release of my favorite album of 2007, Night Falls Over Kortedala. It reminds me that our stories get more interesting and gain a new depth as we reflect on them with age.  —Erin McCaul 

Shringaar feat. Milind Soman (single) – Vayu, Raftaar, Aashta Gill, AKASA, Milind Soman 

Catchy beat. Danceable. This single features Milind Soman in a music video after 27 years. What’s not to love? —Richa Dubey 


House music, celebrating black excellence, and Queen Bey… this album is sheer perfection! —Alyson Stoner-Rhoades 

Pompeii – Cate Le Bon 

I have never met a Cate Le Bon album that I didn’t like, and Pompeii is no exception. Drenched in dreamy synths, sax and clarinet, Le Bon’s pristine voice dances in the duality of light and dark, weaving through a lush musical tapestry that is both delicate and bold, angular and sweet, sad and hopeful. —Suzanne Calkins 

Brand New – Ben Rector 

I’m a sucker for song that tells a story. I frequently shed a lot of tears listening to many of Ben Rector’s songs. —Tammy Monson 

Midnights (3am Edition) – Taylor Swift 

As exciting as Swift’s rerecords have been, I am thrilled she dropped something totally new. The album is very self-reflective and has hit after hit! And the production stylings of Jack Antonoff are always a favorite of mine. —Julianne Medenblik 

age tape 0 – Arden Jones 

Youthful, angsty, ukulele. —Even Aeschlimann 

Un Verano Sin Ti – Bad Bunny 

Bad Bunny’s latest album is a quintessential curation of different types of summer vibes. Swaggering pop and reggaeton anthems are supported by a reflective b-side with plenty of unexpectedly good features and even a call for Zumba! This record packed everything I love about Benito’s cross-genre inspirations and is proof that good music requires no translation. —Madeline Sy 

The Guest 2 (Original Soundtrack) – Various Artists 

I love the 2014 movie The Guest, a devious genre-bender with a distinctive soundtrack that moodily mixed 80s goth rock and 21st-century synth jams. This April Fool’s Day I was surprised with the drop of a soundtrack album for the nonexistent sequel! It’s a lot of fun to imagine what the plot could’ve been by looking at the cover art and track titles, and this director-led “aural sequel” is a fascinating way to dive back into the movie’s unique soundscape. —Thad Allen 

Power Station – Cory Wong, Billy Strings 

When all the heavy hitters get in the same room and make noise together the result is this album. Jam packed with riffs that are sure to go down in history for the modern funk jazz era. —Matt deWolf 

Warm Chris – Aldous Harding 

The tunes on Warm Chris are just the right blend of off-kilter and catchy for my taste. Her songs are playful, strange, and beautiful—fitting for someone who chose the name “Aldous” as their nom de plume (her real name is Hannah Harding). —Nora Bright 

Stick Season – Noah Kahan 

I once saw a tweet that said Noah Kahan is “country music for the East Coast.” As someone who sort of lives in the country and once lived in New England, I can confirm that a) That is a rock-solid statement, and b) this album will hit home for anyone, no matter where you live or where you are from. —Emily Zheng 


We stand in solidarity

By The 2A Team

We stand in solidarity with the protesters and organizers working to end police violence toward black people and systemic racism in the US. While we are heartbroken by the murders of George Floyd and countless others, we are not surprised. That, in itself, is a tragedy.

We’re posting this statement because we wish to speak out publicly against this ongoing violence and blatant murders. We also recognize that simply sharing our solidarity is not enough. Actions can make progress. We will support the movement by listening, giving money, buying from black-run businesses, signing our names, and amplifying black voices.

As a company, we’re digging in to bias training, inclusive hiring, and spending with purpose. We’re also doubling our employee giving match to organizations run by black people working for equal justice. It’s a few steps of many.

Inc. 5000 ranking #1,488


We’re #1488! We’re #1488!

By The 2A Team

Inc. 5000 ranking #1,488

We couldn’t be more thrilled to once again be included in Inc. magazine’s 5000 most successful private companies of 2019. With revenue growth of 277%, we’re ranked 1488 on the list, in league with such companies as Famous Toastery (#1490), Spiceology (#1475), and Vac2Go (#1491).

In Washington State, Green Grass Foods rocketed into the top 20, at #13, with 11,623% growth. Rad Power Bikes grew 4,442% and landed at #63. Other Seattle companies appearing on the list include TomboyX (#349), Aduro (#3868), and Rain City Capital (#2777).

The number one spot this year belongs to Arizona marketing firm Freestar, reporting 36,689% growth. To which we can only say hot damn.

Appearing on Inc.’s list is an honor in part because we join such alumni as Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Zillow. We’re thrilled to be included among such notable, groundbreaking companies.

We wouldn’t have landed on this list if it weren’t for our clients. It’s a privilege to work with the diverse businesses that come to us looking for guidance on telling their stories. Every website we build, every animation we design, every whitepaper we write becomes part of 2A’s story. We feel immense gratitude to share this honor with the clients who entrust us to tell their stories, too.

11 gifts the 2A team is giving—and hoping to receive—this year


11 gifts the 2A team is giving—and hoping to receive—this year

By The 2A Team

11 gifts the 2A team is giving—and hoping to receive—this year

Straight from their keyboards, here’s 2A’s definitive and ardent guide to gifts for 2018. Wondering what to give your graduate student babysitter who shops local? Your gluten-free sister-in-law who doesn’t read?  Your book club friend who brings a gift every time you host? The best gift of all is quality time, but just in case, here’s a list of second bests.

Fruit Punch belts

Belts used to be a boring dad gift (sorry dads), until they were powder coated.


Dinner at Salty’s on Alki

Call us old fashioned but there’s something sublime about a hipster-free meal with a view.


LePen fine line markers

Feel like a 6th grader without all the insecurity with these smear-free pens.


littleBits Synth Kit

Make sweet beats like a pro.


Donation to a great organization

Science tells us giving makes us happier—share the love with a friend by giving the gift of giving to Casa Latina, or Page Ahead, or Summer Search, or…you get the idea. And don’t forget your employer match! We can hear the love multiplying now.


Bombas socks

Feet carry a big load, especially after holiday buffets—reward them.


On the Boards tickets

Performance that values artistic risks? Sign us up.


Animal Sleep Stories prints

Wall-ready and animal-laden, these silkscreens are sure to delight lovers of the handmade.


Pure La Croix planter from Hello Happy Plants

Refreshing and calorie-free like its muse.


Yeti Rambler Colster

It’s a koozie all grown up.


Solo staycation

Sorry, we thought you asked what you should give a parent of young children. A night alone in a hotel in their hometown, OBV.