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Prominent sports authority seeks new uniform

Storytellers host a branding bootcamp for an international leader in sports safety research.

If we were living a feel-good sports movie, The Sports Institute at UW Medicine would be the team with unsung players and a coach with a heart of gold. While bursting with potential, the Sports Institute’s branding did not capture the value they brought to the sports community. Though stacked with an enviable roster, their website lacked design and didn’t evangelize their mission, history as innovators, position as champions of cutting-edge research.

The Sports Institute came to train with 2A, where we helped them overcome their challenges with cup-winning marketing from branding to website. You know the ending (and, it’s happy).

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Shout out to the many, many, fans

Shout out to the many, many, fans

We’re always up for a challenge.

The Sports Institute serves doctors, parents, strategic partners, and athletes, young and young at heart. 2A consultants, designers, and storytellers called a huddle—strategizing how to best organize uniquely important content for uniquely important audiences.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

As an affiliate of UW Medicine, The Sports Institute’s branding needed to play well with existing university branding.

When we say athlete, we’re talking about you

The Sports Institute wanted to take the scary egg-white-chugging, bodybuilding, sub-6-minute-mile connotations out of the word athlete when creating their new brand and voice. As more of the dog-walking-fun-running types ourselves, we created a logo that represents an abstract athlete in motion. Look closer, it's you.

When we say athlete, we’re talking about you
When we say athlete, we’re talking about you
When we say athlete, we’re talking about you

An athlete in motion

Three bars are a subtle nod to a chart, bringing in The Sports Institute’s penchant for research

An athlete in motion


A gradient treatment transforms the athlete with a sense of motion


The Sports Institute

UW classic purple connects to education, and a modern font alludes to innovation

The Sports Institute

UW Medicine

UW Medicine connects the Institute to academia, while the line and different font shows a delineation

UW Medicine

A peek at our playbook

Pitch deck

Deck with flexible, easy-to-update slides

Pitch deck Pitch deck
Flyers Flyers


Flyers and promotional bookmarks ready for print or digital sharing

Business plan

Template for detailed strategic presentations

Business plan Business plan


Website Website

Experiencing The Sports Institute’s old website was challenging for users and staff alike—here’s what we did to launch a fresh experience

Intuitive navigation
Intuitive navigation with content prioritized for each audience and a simple navigation bar
Faster page load
Faster page load after we researched and tested alternate hosting options, re-launching on a faster, more responsive environment
Customized back-end databases
Customized back-end databases to catalog:
  • Affordable exercise resources that stir your inner athlete
  • National sports legislation that keeps you informed
  • Vetted activities to help you exercise anywhere
Simplified management
Simplified management with a content management system, pre-sized library of design elements, and a website owner’s manual

Did you know that playing tag makes you smarter?

However you athlete, we promise you’ll learn something.

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